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South Korea was never high on our bucket list of countries to visit last trip but this time we were excited to come. We were pleasantly surprised it has its own personality and that it’s not similar to any other countries, not even Japan. Here are couple of facts that we noticed immediately:

  • All hail the skincare: South Korea is big on skincare. Everywhere you look, you can see girls (and boys) with dewy, glowy skin, like they’re ready for a photoshoot.
  • B&W scale: Seems like if you buy and oversized white t-shirt and black chino pants, you have nothing to miss. It’s actually all you need in your wardrobe.
  • Spit away: While in Japan, we got so used to some rules (like not eating on subway, queuing etc…) that we thought same would apply to South Korea. Nope! South Koreans are way more relaxed and rules are more loose. We occasionally gawked at young girls spitting on the pavement.
  • Koreans are cute!: Girls have these perfect faces and boys look manly but sweet.
  • No pressure: When you go to a restaurant, nobody pressures you to have a drink. There’s always free water available and actually most people don’t even drink anything extra. On the other hand, there are no toilets in the restaurants.
  • Speaking of toilets: It seems that used toilet paper goes in the bin next to the toilet. Not that I know, because all signs are in Korean.
  • Nobody speaks English: Guesthouse owners, please be my friends.
  • Google translate works!: Even offline, live picture translate works. Yaaaaaas, menu decoded!
  • Obsession that never stops: K POP! It’s insane and the best thing is to watch it on TV and just … wonder.

You probably known that Indonesia has over 17.000 islands. 17.000! Some are very touristic like Bali and some still have indigenous tribes like Siberut. Wakatobi islands are one of those that are very slowly waking up to tourism. If you’re reading this, you’re probably interested in remote islands or diving. Wakatobi is known to have one of the best dive sites in the world.

For us, the best travel destinations are off the grid tiny islands with good and healthy marine life, preferably in Indonesia (you know – if you’ve ever dived or snorkeled here, it’s hard to go back) and that’s why we decided to visit Wakatobi islands. Google maps portraits them as the tiniest dot and there is very limited information on the internet. We had a blast, improvised for 3 weeks and then decided to write this travel guide for Wakatobi islands that will help you if you want to visit.

It’s remote, it’s amazing, it has one of the most amazing diving sites in the world and above all, it has the friendliest people on Earth 🙂

Where are Wakatobi islands?

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Our first time in Singapore! Wow, this is another world, especially when you come from other (a bite less developed) parts of Asia. Because of expenses we limited our time in Singapore to 3 full days. In big modern cities like this, hostel is our go to accommodation. Luckily we don’t have to compromise our comfort 🙂 5footway.inn hostels are modern, new, clean (squeaky bed linen clean, the kind I like the most :D) and affordable.
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Established in 2011, 5footway.inn is a place where curious, witty and fun-loving cultural explorers dwell. More than just a typical budget accommodation provider, the hostel chain provides a unique experience for all their guests by offering them alternative insights to exploring Singapore and its culture.

Project Ann Siang

We crashed at Project Ann Siang hostel for one night which is in Chinatown and were hungry as hell. Luckily, there was this Chinese barbecue restaurant just under our hostel with such amazing food (and prices, too!). It looked like we were the only tourists but we really enjoyed the loud and tipsy Chinese locals 🙂 Oh, the view from the terrace of this hostel is amazing! Skyscrapers at night <3 Our room was beautiful and had its own little terrace. Every room has AC (very much needed because Singapore is so hot and humid) and each bed has its own power station with plugs, lights and switches.

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Nusa Penida is a small island, famous for it’s beautiful cliff views and bustling marine life. It’s a lot smaller than Bali and still quite undeveloped, which is amazing because you won’t find masses of tourists there. Its smaller neighbor island Nusa Lembongan is way more touristy. We’ve always known that Nusa Penida exists but we never thought of going there – come on, there is so much to see in Bali. But when we wanted to see mantas, we saw they were waiting for us at Nusa Penida 🙂 We came for a few days and stayed for 2 weeks. Nusa Penida can do that 🙂

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Yeah, sure! Maybe your mom will like that wooden elephant or a penis bottle opener but in general buying souvenirs that you know will eventually end up as dust catchers is pointless.

I saw the silver jewelry class as one of the most popular activities on Tripadvisor and I saved it in my memory. It’s not the cheapest thing to do in Ubud but you get to make your own piece and take it home. I found two deals for silver jewelry class: Chez Monique and Studio Perak. Studio Perak’s price is 400.000 IDR (and additional 15.000 IDR/g, class from 9 -12 am and additional in the afternoon) for 5 g of silver. Chez Monique’s price is 450.000 IDR for 10 g of silver, classes are at 9.30 h, 11 h and 1.30 h. You can make one item of jewelry.

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