303 days exploring.

It’s been already 303 days?? Seems surreal, it’s like we were planning and packing only couple of weeks ago. But then again, even memory of Nepal seems to be a bit hazy by now
We’ve been traveling from January, we’ve visited 6 countries, lost 15 valuable things, shared one deodorant for quite some time, met some beautiful people and seen some crazy things πŸ™‚
More than 20.000 people is following our journey, most from Slovenia, USA, UK, Germany, Brasil and Australia, and were thankful to every one.

We’re looking forward to our next countries and we’re still feeling strong enough to find the interesting places not everybody goes to. Next up is Vietnam!

Myanmar was nice and has a lot of beautiful sights to offer. Maybe we got a bit spoiled or the expectations were too high but we didn’t have the experience we wished for. We love talking to people, trekking, local life and good food. We really didn’t want to miss the classics of Myanmar but they’re so packed with tourists and also very expensive. Maybe we chose a wrong path and should have moved around smaller cities where the people are friendlier, accommodation is cheaper and there’s no tourists. Well, now we know where to go next time πŸ™‚

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