5 restaurants in Ubud you need to visit

Ubud is a real hub for people who like to eat, from traditional Balinese to real clean vegan eating, Ubud caters to all. You’ll find hundreds of restaurants just strolling in the city and the hardest thing is actually choose one. We like our restaurants cheap and delicious but from time to time we like to splurge. This is our list of 5 restaurants you need to visit in Ubud!

Sari Organik

Maybe the most famous of them all is Sari Organik. Small warung which used only locally grown organic vegetables grew in to not only one big restaurant but two! It has Indonesian food but in a fancy way which is really hard to find. Everyone wants to play Italian, Japanese or French. Be sure to go in that restaurant which is in the middle of the rice fields to have a really amazing view. We tried this one on our previous visit to Bali and had chicken skewers with peanut sauce, red rice and veggies.

Piščančja nabodala z arašidovo omako, zelenjavo in dvobarvnim rižem.

Run’s Warung

Our all time favorite! Couple of minutes from a famous (and expensive) restaurant Bali Buda, there is this hidden gem. Small homey warung (Indonesian word for restaurant) owned by Ms Made who worked for 20 years in one of the bigger restaurants in ubud (Marni’s Warung) has the most amazing food EVER. The prices are ridiculously cheap (like 25.000 IDR including rice) and the taste is spot on. She has a very high position on Tripadvisor too, so it’s not only us. We loved tomato soup (made from scratch – fresh tomatoes, garlic and spices), fish soup (with tender fish meat), tofu and tempeh curry (very gentle taste) with red rice and Mic was obsessing with marinated pork ribs. So delicious! They don’t use MSG and have a variety of vegetarian options, not to mention juices. Soursop with dragon fruit must be the color of my soul. it is divine, by taste and looks. (10.000 IDR).

The Elephant

This hip restaurant has a nice view over the rice fields on Campuhan ridge and offers Italian-Asian cuisine, mostly. It is vegetarian with vegan and gluten-free options, from healthy to super healthy. And also delicious. Main courses are priced around 8 $. Mic had a pumpkin ginger soup, hand made potato gnocchi with pesto, young beans and pines (whaaaat, pines? on Bali?) and chocolate orange cake (and a bit of mine, because it was just better). I had an Elephant salad which had mixed greens, rocket, tempeh (fermented soya beans), feta cheese, sesame, cherry tomatoes, raw corn, cucumber and pomelo, all seasoned with soya-garlic-olive oil dressing. it was beautiful. For dessert I had raw lime avocado tarte which was delicious. I already searched for the recipe. Tell me if it works 🙂

Nasi campur lady

That’s how we call her. I’m not even sure if this restaurant has a name (it is also a mini market) but if you say that you’re looking for nasi campur (somewhere close to the spot on the map), people will point you to the right direction. Nasi campur actually means mixed rice. On a quite beautiful plate you get a ball of rice and several side dishes like chicken, egg, fried tempeh, spicy sauce, peanuts, green veggies and cooked beans. It is delicious, filling and priced only 20.000 IDR or 1.5$.


9 angels

This vegetarian restaurant with a different concept was shown to us by a friend. it is quite hidden in the city and has a buffet where you tae whatever you wish and then pay as you wish. There is a price list with approximate prices but in the end you just go by feeling. They have three varieties of rice, two soups (pumpkin is supposed to be delicious), loads of different vegetarian dishes, tofu and tempeh and fresh veggies and fruit. They even have kombucha (fermented drink). So, you take your food, eat, leave the money in designated jars and clean your plate. They organize a lot of workshops so it’s always nice to check what is happening that week.

We’d love to hear your suggestions of restaurants you enjoyed in ubud!

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