5 things to do in Dublin.

Dublin is a charming and very traditional city. There is no modern architecture or high buildings so all the stores are in old houses. A building can be an old courthouse or a big H&M store ๐Ÿ™‚ We spent a week in Dublin and here is a list of things you can do to discover Dublin.

Have a pint of Irish beer.

Irish are known for their beer and while they have lots of small breweries (some good, some bad, they say) the famous one is still Guinness. Thick, black with beautiful foam (or head, as beer people say). For a bit of different experience, go to a Guinness storehouseย and see how they make this elixir of life, known all over the world. You also get to learn how to pour the perfect pint and in the end you can drink it in their top bar with a beautiful view of Dublin (one of the only buildings with view over Dublin).

And don’t forget to have a pint in an Irish pub with good company ๐Ÿ™‚
Guinness with a view

See the real reindeer.

Take a bus 13 or 40 from the centre and go to Phoenix park which is quite close to the famous jail – Kilmanhaim Gaol. If you go to the park corner close toย Papal Cross area you can see beautiful reindeer. There are probably around hundred deer to see there and they’re are quite accustomed to people.

Enjoy Irish food.

Dublin has a vas array of different kinds of cuisines. Traditional Irish, Indian, French, Italian and even an Indonesian restaurant. We spent some time in a beautiful Irish restaurant The Woolen Mills which is one of the most iconic buildings in Dublin. You can enjoy a coffee with scone for breakfast or have one of their delicious sandwiches. Here we enjoyed the best lunch we’ve had in Dublin.
Oh, and James Joyce worked here. How cool is that?Irish beef with fries.

Drink like the Irish.

You’ve probably notices some pukes on the floor when sightseeing Dublin. Locals say that you can tell how good of a party it’s been the night before by the number of them ๐Ÿ™‚ So go to the very touristic Temple bar area and get a pint or two. I must admit that the beer is quite expensive (5.5 euro on average). Oh, if you’re on a budget, visit college bar Dicey’s Garden and have a pint for 2 euro. Bargain!
Our two.

Go for a tour!

Ireland has some beautiful country side and it would be a shame to miss mysterious lakes and landscapes. It will probably rain but what the heck. We really enjoyed Wicklow and its beautiful surroundings (we recommend Wicklow mountain tours and hated Paddy wagon tours).

Other interesting things you can do in Dublin:

  • visit Kilmanhaim Gaol – the famous prison and get to know the Irish culture. But be sure to get there early – we tried twice and it was booked for the whole day.
  • National library and the beautiful blue hall. Unfortunately, it was closed the week we were there :/
  • Glasnevin cemetery with its interesting tours. Be sure to get the tickets early as it is very popular.
  • Howth, which is a cute port town, close to Dublin. You can see nice cliffs there. So they say as all we saw was fog ๐Ÿ˜€
  • do shopping in one of two famous shopping streets (Suffolk and Henry street) – for too much choice and too low prices visit Penneys.
  • after shopping relaxation in St. Patrick’s park
  • go for a free walking tour, starts 10h and 14h in front of city hall.

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