Bangkok baby! Again?

Here we are, in Bangkok again. We booked another ‘airport hotel’ but this time the hard chairs and air-condition were in my way of sleeping. Our journey from Camotes was actually quite long. 2 hours on the ferry to Danao, 1 hour on the bus to Cebu, 30 min to the airport and then two flights to Bangkok. Yes we were tired but it felt familiar, like returning home. We didn’t use the subway but the cheapest option. Free shuttle from the airport to the bus terminal and then 555 bus (33B) and 171 (16B) to Khao San road.

It's love.

Khao San road is still crazy but now with the high season the prices are a bit higher. T-shirts are more fluorescent and suddenly everyone sells selfie sticks with little remotes. 6 months, eh?
One unpleasant surprise we haven’t even notice before. Euro went down, baaaaad. In July the exchange rate was 1eur=47 B and now its 1eur=37 B. Now that’s a lot! But hey, if we know one thing by now, it’s how to save money 🙂 Nit on the food though, the food is still. Amazing!

Some pre-wedding light photos from the lovely Camotes.
Oh, we did have a project on Camotes, we made a promotional video for a restaurant with delicious homemade bread and marinated/smoked meat. I’ll post about it soon!

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