Mic said that Bathinda doesn’t really exist. That we fell into some kind of a rabbit hole and that for two days we lived in a parallel world. Time in Bathinda really seemed surreal. First of all, people are not used to European tourists. I think there was an increase in accidents on the motorbikes while we were there. People couldn’t believe their eyes!
Secondly, they are super nice. Of course, they wanted to take pictures of us, a lot. Sometimes we had to make an active start just so we could move onwards 🙂 When we stopped for chai, men wanted to pay, they were happy to have us there. It seemed that we are in a big family, the only obstacle was the language.
We found an excellent restaurant called Mothi Mahal Delux, very fanceeh 🙂
The town is very clean, men wear colorful turbans, crispy shirts and modern loafers. Very classy! People here are bigger, stronger, not like in the South. They are from the warrior caste. I’ve done some research on the five must things for Sikhs:
– They don’t cut their hair and wear a turban.
– They have a small comb in their hair that represents the cleanliness
– They wear silver bracelets, representing a bond with a community and a never ending life.
– A garment, similar to comfortable shorts
– A dagger. Yes, a dagger! Some have smaller and some have huge swords!

And the last event that occurred in Bathinda, was on an evening before departure. It was around 22 pm and there was a knock on our door. It was the owner and his uncle, who was an astropolitics specialist. I guess he was kinda famous and had articles published in newspaper and on tv. They just wanted to talk a little bit and we invited them in. We were happy to finally speak some proper English! Suddenly the uncle asked Mic if he has any questions. We were like: Yes! Finally we’ll get some answers about the Sikhs and their religion. But this was not the question he meant.

”Do you have any questions?”

The atmosphere became very mysterious, my heart skipped a beat, the light was dim and both of the men were serious. Mic gathered his thoughts (I wouldn’t know what to ask, my mind went blank) and asked a question about marriage 😀 What else do you ask an astrologer? 🙂 The man asked Mic to tell him the exact time and then he closed his eyes and oooom-ed. Dead serious! We thanked him wide eyed but he only said: ”Don’t thank me, thank god!”
Predictions look good but the event left us in a state of shock, we were laughing about it late into the night.

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  1. Kaj zdej to pomeni s poroko? A vama je povedal kdaj točno bo? Joj, jst si toooook želim it na poroko v Indijo! Vsi so že bili! A kr karto rezerviram? Za kdaj? A kej prnesem? Šempejn?

    • Uuu, bi kr sedu en šampanjček 🙂
      Mislim, da ti ne bova mogla uresničit želje. Še posebi k bova v Indiji samo še en mesec 😀

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