Chaya No Hara camp manual (Kurokawa Onsen).

Kurokawa Onsen is a town of onsens or natural steam baths. It’s very rustical and butique and most people come for a daily visit and buy the daily pass for 1300 ¥ (for 3 onsen). Accomodation is quite sparse and very expensive.

Chaya No Hata camp is 6 km outside of Kurokawa Onsen. There is no bus from Kurokawa so your best way is to hitchhike or walk (if you don’t have your own car). We walked and it took us a good hour, especially with our heavy backpacks. The path goes up a little bit so it’s not super easy but it’s manageable.


There is no store or market there so you better bring your own food. At the camp reception there is a man (most of the time) and he has some items to buy (mostly things for camping like wood, ignition liquid…). He also rents tents.

What we paid:

  • Tent: 600 ¥/day (you can also sleep in a cabin but I’m not sure of the price)
  • One person: 600 ¥/day
  • Enviromental fee: 200¥/stay/person


The campground is quite big but after walking from Kurikawa we just set up the tent on the closest spot (which was still 10 min walk downhill from the reception). There is a river running through the camp.

If you need food, there is a complex close by which has 2 restaurants, souvenir shop, gas station and a market (with bread and cup noodles with good prices).

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