Crazy things to do in Bangkok.

Bangkok has been great but after a week it was enough. We are happy to leave the sounds and smells of Khao San road behind and start our island adventure. Right now we are on Koh Samui, on a yoga retreat in Samahita resort, doing cycling, yoga and meditation.

Since we’ve crossed the usual sightseeing checklist on our previous 6 visits to Bangkok, we’ve done some different and silly ones:

  • Hello Kitty cafe: A must for all lovers of pink or this big headed Ms. Kitty. Pink walls, pink tables, big Hello Kittys and even a  Hello Kitty store downstairs. Coffee is pretty good, desserts so-so, prices are high, expectations are met 😀

  • Floating market Taling Chan: Reached by bus 79 or 123 (way: out of the city center) for only 13 THB and half hour later you’re there, so no need for a tour or private transport. Eat all you want, it is really meant for local people. Has some boats but is not very picturesque. Good for a picture or two and a nice lunch.
  • Ayutthaya: Ancient capital is now in ruins and they sure are beautiful. Cool for a one day trip from Bangkok. Reachable by trains which go almost every hour. Check the time-table here.
  • Museum of forensic science: Which hold some freaky stuff like mummified serial killers and babies with several heads. Not that I know, this remains on our to-do list. Entrance fee: 200 THB.
  • China town: Get lost amongst the stalls selling everything you ever thought of. But you need to buy at least three because otherwise it is not wholesale. And why not get a watch for 2 $ or try a soup from shark’s fin.
  • Unicorn cafe: This pastel cafe where unicorns live is located in Silom. It offers colored food and drinks which look much better than they taste but hey, you get to be dressed in a unicorn onesie while eating it. Drinks from 60 THB, desserts around 100 THB.

Come on, look at this one. It’s totally worth it 😀

My favorite unicorn <3

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