Day at the beach and grocery shopping in Goa.

Yesterday we met one of Mic’s friends he met couple of years ago, when traveling in India. We hung out with Sheldon, who actually lives in Toronto, all day on the beach, drinking beer and then he treated us with some traditional Goan dinner. It was delicious! In the evening we went to a popular club Cape Town where Indian girls get crazy and Russian men show their tanned burnt skin. Rickshaws are expensive here.

We did some shopping today. So if you want to know what you can buy in a local Indian market, fruit and vegetable market in Goa, read on. Mind you, this is a touristic city and you can get more things. Actually they say that the Russian mob bought lots of the property and everything is made for them. Signs in Russian, vodka everywhere. It’s Russia!

  • boneless chicken, 1kg for 3 eur
  • curry leaves, fresh cilantro, some veggies
  • sweet passion fruit, gooseberries (the yellow berries I didn’t know the name)
  • mustard seeds, coriander, black sesame, black lentils, mung beans (i plan to sprout them)
  • kebab masala spices, tamarind paste and vindaloo masala paste

And guess what. A pack of toilet paper costs 5 eur. Nobody uses tp when they have b**t showers 😀

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