Everyday Nasi Goreng I.

There are things that surprise you in every new country you go to. These are the facts we gathered through the first impression in Indonesia.

  • from what we’ve experienced Indonesians love super soft beds. Back killers!
  • they have the best coffee here. Mic especially likes the Kopi Luwak.
  • when they make coffee, they put coffee in a glass, pour boiling water and mix. Ready to drink!
  • they love green cake. Not sure what this trend is about (I know it’s popular in other Asian countries). So you can have green toast, green cake and green pancakes. Yummy? Not sure.
  • coconut is surprisingly quite expensive. I thought it would be like in Sri Lanka but not only it’s not on every corner, desiccated coconut flower is even more expensive than in Europe.
  • dairy products are very expensive. We only buy milk for our green ice tea we brought from Thailand. Milk is around 1-1,5 eur and around 100 g of cheese will cost you at least 4 eur. Yikes!
  • people are super friendly!
  • on Bali they respect their Hindu gods several times a day so temples are always full. Each family has several temples around the house and ours has one, too. Someone comes and brings flowers in a banana leaf basket everyday and lights an incense stick. Lovely.
  • traditional wear on Bali is very nice. Men have sarongs, are never topless and have some kind of handkerchief on their head. Young boys look especially cute 🙂 Women have lacy shirts and a skirt.
  • traffic gets kinda crazy, cars have the right over motorbikes so they cut your way a lot. And lots of time they don’t have pavements for pedestrians or the pavements are there but full of bushes and not possible to walk on. So you have to walk on the street.

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