Everyday noodles. Hikkaduwa.

  • We discovered new favorite dessert. Curd and honey. It’s not actually honey, it’s called trickle and it’s a sap from a special kind of palm tree. Need to do some research!
  • Goraka. Whaaaat is that?  Looks yucky. It is used in curries and in traditional medicine. And it’s supposed to have an effecton weight loss. Ooo. Bought it but i kinda don’t know how to use it. Maybe i could use some weight loss with all the food I’m consuming 🙂Goraka.
  • Cinnamon toothpicks. The claims are super funny. But they are kinda nice to chew on. Eugenol makes your lips and tongue numb. Increase brain activitiy. Yeeees. Chewchew.
  • It’s raining cats and dogs here (yes, learned that phrase in high school, sooo? :)). Mosquitoes drooooown!


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