Everyday Pho I.

A couple of interesting short facts about Vietnamese people and habits that I’ve noticed so far.
– they speak very loud, especially if they’re with their friends or if they don’t understand you.
– they speak in syllables and don’t understand if you don’t. Cut those words!
– don’t worry of being impolite, the more funny Asian accent you add, the better the result 🙂
– they have a beautiful coffee and sandwich culture, left by the French.
– besides other weird things they eat, bird’s nest soup is one of the weirdest. Made of bird’s saliva, nests are soaked and cooked in a soup that’s supposed to be nutritious and strengthens the libido (seems like
only the weird stuff does).
– although the country has a lot of tourism, people seem to be curious and genuinely friendly.
– the language barrier is strong. Not only that they don’t speak English but thru won’t understand your vietnamese. They will smile a lot, tough. We suggest using hand gestures.
– streets are clean and people don’t spit. I approve!
– their funerals are very open. They last 3 days, marching band comes, there’s music on the speakers with an occasional MC and a cameraman records all.

Oh, pho is a soup with rice noodles, herbs and meat and is a typical dish for Vietnam.

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