Family train ride.

We’re in Goa! We decided on the north part, because we rented a beautiful apartment via airBnB (click to see the pictures) in Calangute. It’s 5 min ride away with a scooter from the city centre. Which is great because the town is flooded with Russians. I’ll tell you one thing. Indians can speak Russian!

We came by train, we did the reservation a week before and the ride cost us Rs800 (10 eur). We started the journey at 11am and a curious gentlemen in the next seat immediately started the conversation. He’s an Ayurvedic doctor and his wife was a pharmacist. He asked all different kinds of questions in his broken English and we covered some interesting topics about medicinal plants. I met an Ayurvedic doctor, yes! Not all conversation was professional, he was very much interested in love marriage (opposed to arranged marriage which is common here) and if i proposed to mic (it’s easier just to say we’re married) and if he always does as I say 🙂 We arrived in Madgaon at 2 am and we, like all real Indians, did get some sleep on railway station’s floor.

Those who know me, know how I love cosmetics, discovering new things and herbal products. And here they have lots of Ayurveda and maybe the most commercial and known is a brand called Himalaya. It’s quite expensive for Indian standards but cheap for ours. Online shop sells Himalaya Fresh toothpaste for 0,5 eur and in Slovenia it’s around 5 eur. They also have some supplements and I bought some amalaki, neem, meshashringi and Clarina (anti.acne cream as my skin is acting weird lately). Will. Report. Soon! 🙂

Oh, beer is super cheap here and you can get it everywhere (not like in other parts of India). Cheers!

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