Fog and Guinness in Dublin.

Like we always do, we used public transport to get to our friend’s apartment. I used to hate the fuss of every new public transport but now it pure challenge. So cost efficient and well… efficient! We got off the bus and roamed around Dublin 6 area with brick houses and elevated doors. It was dark already and the Christmas spirit shone through the big windows. I just wanted to peek inside their homes 🙂

Kevin kindly gave us his room for the week. If not for him, we would have payed almost 600 eur for two beds in a 8-bed dorm in Dublin. Days around NY eve are crazy. Kevin has a calm beautiful soul and is also a good photographer. He took us to see the cliffs of Howth. We didn’t see much because the weather this time around is rainy/foggy but it’s like I imagined Ireland. Mysterious.

We also visited the Guinness storehouse or the home of Guinness. The building is quite impressive with the process nicely explained, big Christmas shop and several old marketing campaigns. You also get to learn how to pour the ‘perfect pint’ in two stages. So the foam is nice and thick and not too big!

With the ticket you get a free pint of Guinness (or a soda drink) and after you pour it yourself in the Guinness academy floor you can drink in on the 7 th floor which is one of the best spot to see the Dublin from above. You see, Dublin doesn’t have a lot of tall buildings so this is a good opportunity to get a bird’s eye view. We were lucky because the sun started shining right when we were there 🙂

Oh, and the view. Kevin showed us what it’s supposed to look like 🙂

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