Friendly Sri Lanka.

Some things I’ve noticed about Sri Lanka and it’s people:

  • floor sweeping is a national sport
  • tea means black tea and you get it in a big pot, usually 0.5 l
  • coffee is not that good
  • waiters bring the bill pretty quickly, as soon as you eat your food
  • what you get in one restaurant doesn’t relate to all of them
  • nodding is not up and down but from side to side like saying ‘maybe’
  • try to bargain for the price just a little, sometimes you’ll go far and sometimes you’ll hit a wall
  • the roads seem hectic but they do have a system and accidents are not often
  • trains and buses are in the same price range, reserved tickets on trains are most comfortable
  • don’t hesitate to ask for help, anyone will be happy to (without payment)

I’ll probably do an update as there are a gazillion thing I should write here. But for now, here is a recap of our trip 😉

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