Friends reunited in Weligama.

Mic was telling me about this tuk tuk driver he met in Sri Lanka two years ago and that we should visit him. They were exchanging emails quite regulary but the content was always the same. When are we coming? 🙂

We hopped on a train and he was waiting for us at the train station, super happy to see his pen pal 🙂 We went to his home and Bayba and his wife made us feel very welcome. Mic says his English got a bit better but when he started to talk about boats and money, we were lost.

”Tuk tuk have.
Boat no have.
Money no have.
Boat 15 legs, You owner. Problem no have. 50 :50.”

Weeeell, it took us around 2 hours to get that he is proposing that Mic buys a boat so he can fish and then they can split the money in half. Mic says he’s going to think about it 😉

His wife made us a delicious lunch with prawns, calamari and fish curry and then we went to the seaside with Bayba’s daughters. With kids the language is not important, she talked to me in Srilankan and I talked to her in Slovenian. We understood each other quite nice 🙂 Bayba’s family lives in a very basic house, they don’t even have running water and the stove is on wood. Coconut? And they are happy and loving each other. It makes you think what you really need in life. Is it running water or a loving family. Both? Different culture 🙂

On the way home we couldn’t avoid another spice garden where we got yet another tour and a massage. We don’t really know if it is worth it, the massage is not really good, you are all oily all the way home (and for us it was for another hour in a hot bus full of people) and the products at the end are overpriced and some even fake (will tell you about that later). You should spend your money somewhere better. Or give it to a beggar.

”Bayba, what time do you go fishing in the morning?”

”Four o’clock. Then one o’clock, two o’clock, three o’clock and come home at eleven. 50 :50. Boat 15 legs.”

”Hmmm, ok.” 🙂

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5 Comments on “Friends reunited in Weligama.

  1. Kak lepe fotke! Kak je noro lepo! Kak sta rjavaaaa! 🙂 Have fun!
    Pozdravčki, Maja

  2. Mene pa ful zanima zgodba s fejk kremami in kako hudiča nardiš splav z ananasom!?

    • Tale poseben mini ananas očitno vsebuje zadeve, ki povzročijo splav. Tako, da ga enostavno poješ. je pa prepovedano gojenje, razen v teh vrtovih.
      Drugače pa sem potem izvedela, da dodajajo v te ajurvedske pripravke npr. tisto kemikalijo, ki je v depilacijskih kremah in trdijo, da je vse naravno. Tudi vonj je čist isti. Pa olje sandalovine je navadno rjavo in tekoče, tukaj pa je bilo prozorno in gosto, kot da bi vanj dodali glicerin. Namesto olja pa who knows what. Očitno kar veliko zaslužijo na nevednih turistih, ni nadzora pa še veliko posrednikov je vmes.
      Pravi ajurvedski zdravniki bolj vejo, samo kako najt pravega 🙂

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