The taste of poison – fugu fish.

I was just a liiitle bit dramatic in the title 🙂 But this little thing has a reputation!

Fugu, pufferfish or blow fish, is a poisonous fish and it’s very famous in Tokyo. Chef has to have 3 years of intense training (where he has to eat what he prepares) and only then he can prepare the fugu fish in a restaurant. Couple of deaths because of fugu still occur but only because of domestic use without proper experience. Chef has to carefully clean the fish of poisonous parts and serve only edible parts. Death by fugu poisoning is actually affixation while you are totally conscious. Not pretty. There is no antidote but if they keep you respirated while you metabolise the poison, you live.

Tokyo fugu

One of Mic’s biggest wishes for Japan was trying fugu fish. And we saved this event till last. The day before we left we asked about a restaurant in Asakusa information center (beautiful building which also offers free viewpoint on the 8 floor). Unfortunately, I forgot the name and of course it’s only written in kanji letters so you’ll hve to explore by yourself (it’s name starts with M).

The restaurant we went to served only dishes with fugu (and some sashimi). Fugu is very expensive so we ordered only one portion of fugu sashimi, served with a bit of young onion and spicy dipping soy sauce (price: around 2700 Y). The taste was mild and good but I myself don’t know what’s the catch. Living dangerously by eating a poisonous fish? I was a bit nervous, what if something went wroooong?! But it was quite tasty and it is totally safe. The only accidents occurred because customers insisted on eating more poisonous parts of the fish.
Mic was ecstatic and I was happy it was over and we surviveeeed! 😀


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