Gili Air.

After 4 months we’re back at the sea. It feels good, almost familiar. Warm salty air and coconut palms, white sand and turquoise water. Another paradise 🙂 It’s somehow different from Andamans, Mic says it’s like Croatia’s Dalmatia.

Little boats everywhere.

Between Bali and Lombok lie 3 little islands, called Gili Trawangan, Gili Air and Gili Meno. We chose Air because it’s not so crowded as Trawangan but still has more variety than Meno. We were on the top of our budget in Ubud, splurging in our kitchen so we decided to cut it short on Gili Air. It seemed impossible to me, I was sure we won’t find a cheap room and local food.
But after an hour of walking with our big backpacks (did I already mention we look like Ninja Turtles, and we also like to reenact a fight :D) in the hot sun, on a verge of a fight, we found a room for 120k or 8 eur. Yaaay! We also found couple of local warungs with lovely food, so now we spend 30eur per day for both of us. Not bad, living in a paradise 🙂

Our room.

Gili Air is a very small island, you can walk around it in an 1,5 hours. All around you can find beautiful, alive coral reefs. The fish are so used to people, they don’t run away and sometimes you find yourself in a school of fish. Amazing! We did invest in buying masks and snorkels in a diving shop (they have good brands here). We won’t go diving because it just seems too much for us right now. Maybe later 🙂

We’re planning to snorkel all day and make more photos of this beautiful island!

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