Happy Holi!

Finally! We’ve waited for Holi festival for such a long time and it came at last, as colorful as we expected. Holi is about ‘burning’ bad things and ‘coloring’ into better ones. That’s why the evening before Holi, they burn Holika, the woman that represents bad things. The fire was big, electricity wires were low and fireworks were close. It was hot!
And today it started early. I mean super early. We woke up quite late for us, 8.30 and wanted to eat something. Everything closed. So we had a juice and began moving towards the main square. Of course we were bombarded with colors so vibrant you can’t imagine. We did some shopping yesterday and we wished everyone a Happy Holi! 🙂
We came to a techno party, young Indians and tourists were dancing, covered in colors and water, some were in a trance. At 9 am! Friends were tearing eachothers shirts and throwing them on the wire. It was all very safe tough and some boys were making sure that things don’t go out of control. Locals had some special color that doesn’t get off the skin very easy 🙂
It was such a nice day, celebrating spring while gentle Indian boys and elderly women put color on your cheeks and say Happy Holi! 🙂

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