Havelock and a few words about food.

We were happy on Neil. So content we didn’t want to leave. Our only worries were how to avoid wild dogs on our way back home (so many of them here!), which fish to choose for lunch and if the tide will be high enough for a romantic swimming at sunset. No internet on Neil. No ATMs on Neil. Not so good if you run out of money. Which we did :/


So we scraped our dollars from Sri Lanka, euros from home and we payed the guesthouse. No money left for food. Thankfully our sweet friends from Switzerland took our last 15eur in coins and exchanged it for Rs. Phew!

And we went to Havelock, not in a such good mood, already missing neil, thinking we’ll see groups of tourist, parties everywhere but that was not the case. Because of low season not lots of tourists were left, prices were low and the food was amazing.
We ate fresh fish every day, not to mention that the mango season is full on and you can eat them right of the ground, under the tree. People dream about that!

In the next post I’ll write something about our favorite activities on Havelock, including diving! 😀

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