Hello Kandy. Where do your palm trees live?

How easy it is to get from Colombo to Kandy? A public bus, 100 km, 3,5 h and Rs 153. That’s not even 1 eur 🙂 Buses can be crowded, but we got seats and I was sitting with an owerweight gay couple. It wasn’t that bad, really 🙂
The scenery is beautiful, palm trees, pineapple fields, and the roads are bad. You should not be impatient when it comes to public transport. Buses start their route when the seats are filled and they are pretty slow. We don’t care, we have time.

We came to Kandy and immediately we were surrounded by people offering us a ride or accomodation. Sure, why not, we need a room. We bargained a bit and for Rs 1500/day we are living in Hill Way Inn with an elderly couple, who has a big house, one floor for them and one floor for tourists. I guess like in all guest rooms owners are super nice, breakfasts are royal, and the cleanliness of the room is … well … ok. Cleaning is not a priority here 🙂 Oh, and we got a suprised visit at breakfast. Monkeys everywhere! They did some serious damage to the mango tree and we need to keep the door closed or else they’ll trash our room 🙂

Today we went to the Peradeniya Botanical Garden and we used local transport (bus). Kandy is very into tourism but it’s perfectly ok to use the buses.Not only it is abnormally cheap but you can find people to talk to. We met a cute couple who insisted to pay for our bus tickets and then gave us dates. Because we talked for 15 min 🙂 Locals pay Rs 50 entrance fee but foreigners pay Rs 1100. Garden was stunning, with big palm trees, spice garden, medicinal garden and orchid garden. We walked around enjoying the oxygen and read books. I’m almost finished with Kafka on the shore by Murakami.  With all the plants around I was thinking of my coworkers in Slovenia 🙂

We’re planning to visit Sigyria and Dambulla tomorrow and we bought train tickets from Kandy to Ella. Stay tuned 🙂

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