Hello mister!

We’ve both already been in Indonesia, Mic was roaming around Java, Bali, Sulawesi and Papua for 3 months and I’ve been on Bali for 1 month, and Gili Islands of course. We forgot how friendly people here really are. In the middle of the night, in front of a market, loaded with backpacks locals strike a random conversation out of sheer interest. Beats Thailand anytime 🙂

We were staying on Jalan Jaksa, which is supposed to be touristy but we saw almost no travelers. It’s Ramadan and the city is sleepy during the day, in the night hours it becomes alive, the food stalls open and Christmas lights sparkle. Oh, did I mention that the air is filled with the sweet smell of clove cigarettes? 🙂

Later on, we had another Instagram date with lovely Indonesian friends. It was such a warm welcome to the city and we even got few travel tips that might change our travel plan. Plan that always changes, of course 🙂

Instagram unites!

After a sleepless night on the airport we arrived in Padang , the island of Sumatra and tomorrow we’re going to Siberut for some trekking for a week.
Jungle, here we come! 🙂

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2 Comments on “Hello mister!

  1. Hi Mic and Katja!I already read some of stories your trip in Mentawai. Very exciting!
    I have to go there someday..
    Keep writing and inspiring.. Hope you can get great experiences in my country.


    • Thanks Rizal! I’m sure we’ll have many beautiful moments here, Indonesia is just amazing 🙂 And you should definitely visit Mentawai.
      Keep in touch,

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