Hello, Rajastan. First stop: Jaipur.

This post is 2 days old, photos coming later.
So. We’re not in Goa anymore. We took a plane ride to Jaipur, that cost us 65 eur per person and couple of hours. It’s much cooler here, the air is fresh.

Goa didn’t suit us very well. It was full of tourists, I had tummy problems for 3 days (and didn’t take a photo of a really nice toilet in our apartment that was my haven for a day), so we couldn’t make any day trips and we were tense and cranky. Fish spa was cool tough πŸ™‚

But now that we’ve moved, problems seem to have resolved.

We’re staying at Jwala Niketa hotel. The owner is super nice and the bed sheets are clean, the room is ok but the toilet is kinda horrible.

We hired a rickshaw driver today and did a city tour. We visited the old part of town or the Pink City (made of terracotta), Β City Palace (used by Maharajas), Jantar Mantar (astronomic museum) with big sun clocks and special sculptures-instruments regarding every sign and Monkey Temple, where we met a nice boy and got a ‘bindi’ (dot on the forehead).

We ended today with a spontaneous movie date, in Hindi of course and we were guessing about the story line all trough the film. Something about abused women, trying to get in politics. And open a school. But they are also fighters and kill bad guys with axes. But without blood. And then they sing and dance Bollywood style. It was a bit confusing πŸ™‚ All in all, full day πŸ™‚

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