Krnica. Winter fairytale. Slovenia.

It’s winter. Our first winter after a couple of years. Not sure I like it. It snows and it looks nice but then it ‘s wet and cold and I start thinking about summer. I don’t even ski. Everybody skies in Slovenia! Well, not me πŸ™‚ But there are some nice things about winter. Like day trips on the snow! Look at this winter fairytale. Just a good hour car ride from the capital Ljubljana.



Easy walking with a good view to the mountain cabin (about an hour). You can borrow a sledge and go back faster πŸ™‚ This is even good for small children. The mountain cabin offers good food and traditional drinks. Try ajdovi ΕΎganci or jota. Very Slovenian πŸ™‚

Sometimes I like winter πŸ™‚

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