Kumamoto castle.

After a not so relaxed night at the internet cafe, we found ourselves on the Arcade shopping street at 7 am. Men in suits were on their way to work, young women in high heels coming from karaoke bars, old ladies cleaning their shops and young man throwing up at the next corner. A man from Pakistan greeted us and we engaged in a friendly conversation. About him having two wives. Aaah, I love Japan. And Pakistan 🙂

Our goal for today was Kumamoto castle, one of the three most famous castles in Japan. We bought a combo ticket for 640 ¥ which included also the Samurai Hosokawa’s house.

kumamoto castle

It was raining all day so the castle looked even mire mysterious. They have a free cable car to get you around and one regular line (so be careful which one you take). Later we hopped on the tram to the train station and 1,5 h later we came to magical Aso.

Information about traveling from Kumamoto to Aso (one person):

  • Internet cafe for the night: 1850 ¥
  • Entrance fee for the castle and Samurai’s house: 640 ¥
  • Tram from the center to the train station: 150 ¥
  • Train to Mount Aso: 980 ¥
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