Happy 2559!

Lao New Year celebrations in Luang Prabang

Well, this was one crazy holiday 🙂

Lao people are waiting for the Lao New Year (Pi Mai or Songkran in Thai) all year, like we do. And when it comes they celebrate it for several days. Loud music, dancing, lots of beer and water. Did I mention that the main thing is splashing people with water on the streets? 🙂 Oh yes.

Celebrating Lao new Year in Lovely Luang Prabang, Laos.

First day of Lao New Year we bought water guns and found a friendly grouo of bank employees (whaaat?) that had their water station in front of their bank. And what fun it was to pour water all over people passing by. The biggest treat is a tuk tuk full of tourists. That’s when everyone gets their buckets ready and bam! They’re soaked 🙂

But this holiday is not only about the drinking. There are big provessions and markets in the city, ladies in their best traditional clothes visiting temples, pouring water on their most important statue – Pabang. Processions with monks, little girls dressed in traditional clothes and other groups walking in unity.

And then. Some more splashing 🙂

Pouring water behind mic's back during lao New Year celebrations in Luang Prabang,

If you’re here for the Lao New Year, be prepared to be wet most of the time you go out couple of days before and after NY. Take care of your camera (or even better – don’t take it outside) and leave your phone at home. Lao people are generally really friendly and gentle and if you ask them nicely, they won’t pour water on you if you have your camera. This, however, doesn’t account for the drunk tourists.


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