Let’s cook Thai food!

We found Zabb E Lee cooking school (which means delicious) on TripAdvisor with lots of good reviews. We chose this one simply because it was the cheapest 🙂 For 800B (20€) you get to go to the market and learn about the most important ingredients for Thai food like kaffir lime, galanga, big fat lemon grass l(I wonder if you can get any in our country) and many more.

Different types of rice.

You can choose 4 dished + you make curry paste for the curry dish. Mic and me decided to try different things but you get to see every dish made and in the end you get a recipe book with all the recipes, even the ones nobody chose. Nice!

We made Thai fresh spring roll and the famous Som Tum (spicy papaya salad), classic Pad Thai and stir fried chicken with cashew nuts, Tom Yum soup with prawns and coconut milk and Tom Kha koi (coconut soup), and lastly Massamun and Panaeng curry (and pastes).


It was a lot! Lots of things was pre-sliced so we could make all of the above. We prepared some things as a group, like starters and curry pastes.

We did go pretty fast trough the course although it took us from 9 to 14, but with so many people in one class (we were 9, but in Thailand that’s normal) it takes lots of organization.

Panaeng curry and papaya salad.
Ann the cook was very nice and had lots of humor. She is abnormally organized, can multitask all the recipes and handles a big group nicely. Her kitchen is outside and is very clean, her staff is effective and cleans everything so that your station is ready when you need it.
Having said all that, I missed a personal touch or something I’ve been missing in this whole country. I suppose it’s hard to find it in a such touristic place like this 🙂

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