Lights of Hoi An.

It’s a kind of magic!
The city has a calm, beautiful vibe with lots of cool cafes, cute street food and the old city becomes a no car/motorbike area so it’s really user friendly. One thing that becomes apparent to any newcomer is that this is a ‘tailor city’ as one local lady said it. Everyone wants you yo have a dress, to visit their shop, to get clothes made for you. Sometimes they can be a bit pushy but that’s the way if there’s too much competition. We walked around and ate everything that looked interesting and then walked some more.

Street food at its best!

At night the city becomes this magical “aaaah” and “oooh” place where lanterns in all colors, but mostly red, shine softly near the river. You can go for a boat ride or just make a light offering to the river for good luck. It’s a balm after Mui Ne.
Hoi An has also one of the best street food in Vietnam and did I mention they have fresh local beer for 24 cents of $ (for 3 dcl). Whaaaaat? 3 please.

Roll em'. Chicken barbecue with fresh veggies and mint in rice paper with sauce and sesame.


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