Little town called Pushkar.

”What town should we visit in Rajastan?”

”Pushkar. You should go there.”

Couple of people shared that opinion. And because Holi holiday was getting closer and that means hoards of happy crazy Indians, we decided to spend it here. Pushkar is a small town, by bus 3,5 hours away from Jaipur. It thrives on tourism but still has the integrity of an holy Indian town. What is interesting that each tourist here just belongs here. Most have dreads, piercings, tattoos and walk bare foot. People watching, hello!


Pushkar is a holy city, with a holy lake in which Hindus perform ritual bathing at dawn and dusk and make offerings of flowers to the gods and feed the cows corn. Cows are their sacred animals and roam freely trough the town. They also poo freely on the streets so watch your step. Another interesting thing about this town is bang. Or marijuana. They say it was used by lord Shiva so it’s legal here. It’s even on the menu 🙂

There’s lots of good restaurants here and we immediately found our favourite. Tibetan Kitchen. Oh, the momos for 1 eur and fresh mint juice.


The vibe is very friendly, the tourists are their own attraction and the town is in anticipation of Holi. We bought some beautiful colors for tomorrow and I just want to look at them all the time (they say it’s natural but of course it’s not). Holi is a holiday where you let go of the bad things and rekindle the relationships with friends or enemies into good ones. By giving color, you give them you kindness and love.

Om to that.


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