The most beautiful waterfall (Luang Prabang).

Or even in whole Asia! Kuang Si is a waterfall with turquoise water and many levels to visit. Natural pools of fresh cool water are divine! It’s 45 minutes from Luang Prabang and the trip can be organized easily because on every corner a tuk tuk driver is trying to persuade you to go.

Natural swimming pools of Kuang Si, waterfall near Luang Prabang, Laos.

How much to pay to go to Kuang Si waterfall?

If you go to night market in the morning (around 9 am) , you can pay 25.000 LAK or even 20.000 LAK (if there is 8 people). It’s easier if you’re already a group botherwise you’ll have to wait for more people. You need to bargain, bargain, bargain! Remember that they take 2 people for 150.000 LAK sooo if there’s more people, just divide 🙂

It’s best to go for at least 4 hours because there is a lot to see there not to mention all the relaxing and swimming. As always, bargain and bargain.

Kuang Si waterfall near Luang Prabang, Laos

Things to do at the Luang Prabang waterfall.

  • enjoy the view of the waterfalls and natural pools. Aaaaaaah!
  • go to the very top where the waterfall starts and the right way is much steeper than the left. We went up by the right path and down on the left. Right might be a bit hard with flip flops.
  • after the hike swim in the cool milky turquoise water. In the bottom there are 3 levels, where you can swim, jump or relax in the small pools.
  • free fish spa. Small fish in the water will start to nibble your feet if you’re still enough. Don’t be scared and enjoy the free fish spa!  Divineee! You’ll probably have the company of loads of Koreans and older Chinese people who just like to watch 🙂 And then they will ask you to take pictures of them and the waterfall 😀
  • have lunch. It’s best to take some sandwiches with you, because food there is expensive and your starting point (night market) has a lot of choice 🙂

Aaaah, enjoy the Luang Prabang waterfall!


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  1. “Hi Katkoc,
    I’m really intrigued by your very funny web site name but I love your blog. The pictures are lovely and I am also taking a guess that you are young writer. I admire how creatively the article is written, with a nice touch of humor here and there. “

    • Thanks Diana! I am a young writer and not a native speaker so it’s not always easy to express myself 🙂 And the name of the blog was a prediction of our 4 months in India 🙂 It was all true 😀
      I see you also have a blog, we’ll check it out!

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