Momos in Kathmandu!

After a day without speaking (yes, it was one of those days) it was time for another cooking class! We wanted to learn how to make momos for a long time as we both adore them 🙂

We chose Socialtours which we found on TripAdvisor. We started the class with a cup of tea and met our classmates from America. Then we went to buy veggies and chicken for our momos. The thing with momos is that you have to finely chop everything. Microscopicly fine! Spices are also very important and loads goes into the momo mixture. We also made the peanut and sicy tomate sauce to dip them in. I thought the dough is much harder to make but it’s actually very easy. Only flour and water. The tricky part is actually folding the momos. We made circular one and the moon-shaped. We did pretty good, I think 🙂 In the end we each had one Mars momo, it was craaaaazy good!

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