Mt. Fuji that wasn’t.

Our plan was to get a good look at Mt. Fuji and spend a night in Kofu, a bigger city in Yamanashi perfecture. We said goodbye to our family/hosts in Matusmoto and Masaki took us to a service area by the road which led to Kofu.  Hitchhiking in Japan again! It was very hot and at first people didn’t even look at as out of their cars but after getting complimentary ice coffee from Starbucks girl (so sweet!) we got lucky and a young family picked us up for a part of the way. Their car was packed but they insisted on taking us.

We got our next ride after 15 min and it was from a phisycs proffesor in Tokyo university. It’s hard to explain our surreal but let me tell you about some facts about him: he is expecting two Nobel prizes very soon, he is from the royal family, his daugter almost produced the new emperor, he was a tennis champion, his father invented a motorbike, his brother invented mobile phone, he is still a target of Putin because he helped to escape a friend from Russia. And much much more 🙂 He took us to Kofu city, gave us his card and told us  if we ever get in trouble, we just show this card. We are still keeeping it 😀

We knew that there’s no cheap accommodation in Kofu so we wanted to stay in a karaoke bar but they vouch the place for only 3 hours and you need to leave if it’s full. We were sitting on Lawson’s wifi when a young man approached us wanting to help. In the next hour he took us to several places (which were still too expensive), and even to one guesthouse in the making (Bacchus guesthouse in Kofu, with friendly owners!) but in the end we decided to go to Tokyo. The boys took us to bus station and waited with us. Japanese people <3

Information about traveling from Kofu to Tokyo:

  • Karaoke in Kofu: 1590 ¥ from 18 – 5, but no more than 3 hours if it’s full of people
  • Opening in August: Bacchus guesthouse
  • Bus from Kofu to Tokyo: 1500 ¥ (it’s supposed to be 2000 ¥, not sure what happened 🙂
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