Mystic Ryokan Sanga.

After we survived the freezing night at the Chaya No Hara camp, a car picked us up in the morning from Ryokan Sanga. We were invited to spend a night in one of the most famous ryokans in Kurokawa Onsen. Ryokan is a traditional Japanese inn with tatami mats on the floors, thin walls with slide doors and minimalistic style.

Ryokan Kurokawa

Ryokan Sanga is set in a forest, a short drive from Kurokawa Onsen. A stream runs by and gives the feeling of being in the middle of nowhere. I almost expected faires to come out of the mossy stones. We were given our robes which looked very posh and the cool slippers to walk around the ryokan and off we went to our room.

Our room was actually an apartment and it was called Egonoki and it was very spacious with wooden furniture and soft lights. There was a small kitchenette with free tea, fridge and water heater. Toilet was very Japanese, with electronic buttons and heated toilet seat (yeeeees!). And the best thing. Our private onsen! We soaked in the hot water for hours, talking and enjoying the view from our window. It was magical 🙂

Our private onsen.

Sanga Ryokan is also a part of the daily pass of onsen which you get for 1300 ¥ (for 3 onsen) and while it may look like there’s a lot of people during the day, this ryokan is actually very private. It has two outdoor onsen, one mixed and one female, and two indoor onses, female and male. It also has 3 private onsen, two indoor and one outdoor.

This was a surreal experience of Japanese culture. Walking in robes and slippers, deciding when to book the private outdoor onsen, enjoying time with eachother. Not to mention our 6 course kaiseki meal 😉 Life is good.

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