Nepal: Ultimate survival.

We’re here in Patan, a small suburbial town near Kathmandu. The locals call it Lalitpur or the city of beauty. We’ve been in Nepal for almost a month now so we can dobthe ultimate survival math 🙂

• breakfast: cirkular deep fried roti, it’s a kind of sweet deep fried bread (Rs 5), tea (Rs 20) and two bananas (Rs 20). You can get all this from street vendors and have a chat with local people for Rs 45.
• lunch: every district has it’s own place where locals eat cheap momos, usually buff for Rs 50.
• water: one liter is Rs 20, for the day Rs 60.
• dinner: Tibetan soup thukpa, full of veggies and thick noodles (Rs 80).
• room: Rs 300

All together the cost of living for a day cam come up to Rs 535 or a bit more than 4€. If you need to move, the local bus is cheaper option than tourist bus, microbus or taxi and it’s all you need actually. Maybe an antisickness pill for the long rides just in case 🙂 The roads are pretty bad.
Activities like trekking will cost you more as the food is more expensive in the mountains.
We usually spend Rs 3000 (24 €) for both of us because we like to eat and sometimes splurge on local food and of course an occasional beer 🙂

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