North Germany mission!

Like last year, Germany tourism association asked us to explore a bit of North Germany for a week. Little towns surrounded by beautiful nature and for the end a cultural festival. Our plan is Schwerin, Rostock, Warenmunde and Ribnitz.

The journey from Ljubljana to Hamburg takes only around 2,5 h but with airplane but with one stop in Munchen and missing the fast train to Schwerin it still took us 9 hours from the time we started from our apartment. Damn, those first days. Even though we are traveling in Europe, we were still sleepy, hungry, want to pee, thirsty, hungry again and repeat!

Now we’re staying in a beautiful two storey house by the lake in Schwerin, at Das Haus am See, drinking beer and pretending this is our house 🙂 We spent the day biking by the big lake to the town of Schwerin, admiring the huge beautiful castle. It’s one of the biggest I’ve seen. Appetizers in Lukas restaurant were amazing, main dishes not so much. Time to get some strength today because tomorrow we have a big sightseeing day 🙂

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