Nutmeg of Banda islands.

Now that yesterday’s day is getting further away, it’s time to appreciate the beauty of Banda islands. The sight from the ferry is magnificent. Green hills of thick trees, bushes and palms in the middle of turquoise water, they seem totally different from Key islands. The highest one is Gunung Api, 666 m high volcano from which you can still feel hot air coming out. Banda is hard to come by, three times a week there is a plane to here from Ambon and every 14 days a Pelni ferry (don’t get mugged like we did and read the previous post). People are friendly but they don’t depend on tourism so the vibe is ver local and nice.


666 m high Gunung Api.

Banda islands smell of nutmeg and cinnamon and they were the only one to have the growing conditions for the complicated nutmeg tree. They export it but here on the island you can try various specialties like nutmeg marmalade, nutmeg coffee and cinnamon soup.


Our lunch. Terong Goreng. Fried eggplant. Delicious!

Muttiara guesthouse where we stayed for one night is a colonial beauty here in Bandaneira, a town of 6000 inhabitants. Ibu makes delicious food and the buffet dinner with Maluku flavours was superb.


Nutmeg. Fresh.

Today we move to a small island Ai where there is supposed to be beautiful coral reef and bungalows near the beach. Time to enjoy Banda 🙂

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