Ooooming in Rishikesh.

Beneath the mountains, where the fast flowing river Ganges is still pure, there is a small town called Rishikesh. It is supposed to be the world’s center of yoga and meditation, maybe because the Beatles visited it in the sixties (but still I think it’s not so easy to find a good yoga instructor).
We came here from Haridwar because it’s much more serene, just looking at some grenery and the wind in your face is fresh and nice, it almost smells like spring is coming. I miss spring 🙂
Rishikesh is famous for holy river Ganges (we’ve seen a big Ganga aarti in Haridwar) and rafting, two jhoolas (bridges) and Maharishi ashram, where The Beatles went to meditate for couple months and they wrote most of their White Album there. You can illegaly see the remains of this big ashram that closed in ’97. Apartments, small huts, meditation halls are being slowly swallowed by the forest. It feels like it has some kind special powers. Artists have made pictures inside the rooms and travelers are still writing messages on the walls. I would say this place is worth coming to Rishikesh for even if you don’t do much yoga. Or rafting..
Oh, and we’ve tried one ‘group’ meditation here. We were actually the only one and we almost ended up in crazy dancing meditation but Mic wasn’t really up to it. I was prepared to do some shaking 🙂 So we opted for humming meditation instead. It wasn’t the best one, I admit. The man was really nice and smiling but didn’t share much instructions so we just improvised. It was hot and mosquitos were biting and a coachroach did try to kick me in the head while relaxing but it’s all part of the it. We’ll try to do it on our own and we’ll see how that goes 🙂

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