Osaka and okonomiyaki.

After the second attempt of flying to Osaka (our Jetstar flight was canceled due bad weather conditions and the staff barely spoke enough English to explain the situation to us) we finally made it. It was raining (I was starting to regret that we decided to visit Japan in June – nevermind, we were both cranky) when we arrived to Osaka. It was quite easy to find our ‘bussines’ Diamond hotel but when we were walking towards it we noticed that the people in that area were kinda…diferent. Homeless people, the stench if urine and people talking to themselves almost gave me a cultural shock from Kyushu area!


We even got 2 people following us while talking to us in broken English and Japanese. I’m sure it’s the area which is probably the cheapest around. Our hotel room one of the smallest we’ve seen and cost us only 200 ¥ for both.

We roamed around for a bit, tried the local delicacy – ogonomiyaki, which is a chopped cabbage, egg, cheese and meat of your chouce (we had shrimps), made in a sort of pancake and cooked in front of you in a hot plate. They put mayonnaise and a plum (?) sauce on top in the end. It’s yummy.

Ogonomiyaki OsakInformation about traveling from Beppu to Osaka:

-there is a boat that takes around 12 hours and costs 7000 ¥. We took a plane (Jetstar) for 9000 ¥.

– train from Kensei airport to the area of cheap accomodation (Tennoji) costs 980 ¥

– one night at Diamond hotel: 2000 ¥ for a private tiny room

– meal of ogonomiyaki: 880 ¥ for one piece



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