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Happy Nyepi everyone! Do you know that this is the most important holiday in Bali? We didn’t! It’s actually Balinese New Year. On Nyepi day everything stops. There is no travel (people need to stay inside the house), even airport is closed for this day! The point is that the evil spirits roam around Bali and everyone needs to stay still so they think the island is uninhabited and leave Bali alone for one more year. There can also be no fire and only low lights must be used. So the evil spirits leave us alone 😀

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Even though we are enjoying Ubud very much we still want to explore other parts of Bali. It is small but in a way big island. Munduk, a small mountain village, has been on our wish list for a long time and past weekend we decided to go on a roadtrip with our motorbike!

Munduk, Indonesia

We found a perfect place for our weekend getaway on HSH Stay which is a platform for cool and (mostly) budget guesthouses in Indonesia. I fell in love with the infinity pool at Amartya Puri Green Cottages which has water from a nearby mountain which comes and flows on naturally. Because it’s low season, we were the only one there which meant we had the pool by ourselves and we could just relax in the cool water which overlooked the rice fields. Amazing! Read More

Ubud is a real hub for people who like to eat, from traditional Balinese to real clean vegan eating, Ubud caters to all. You’ll find hundreds of restaurants just strolling in the city and the hardest thing is actually choose one. We like our restaurants cheap and delicious but from time to time we like to splurge. This is our list of 5 restaurants you need to visit in Ubud!

Sari Organik

Maybe the most famous of them all is Sari Organik. Small warung which used only locally grown organic vegetables grew in to not only one big restaurant but two! It has Indonesian food but in a fancy way which is really hard to find. Everyone wants to play Italian, Japanese or French. Be sure to go in that restaurant which is in the middle of the rice fields to have a really amazing view. We tried this one on our previous visit to Bali and had chicken skewers with peanut sauce, red rice and veggies.

Piščančja nabodala z arašidovo omako, zelenjavo in dvobarvnim rižem.

Run’s Warung

Our all time favorite! Couple of minutes from a famous (and expensive) restaurant Bali Buda, there is this hidden gem. Small homey warung (Indonesian word for restaurant) owned by Ms Made who worked for 20 years in one of the bigger restaurants in ubud (Marni’s Warung) has the most amazing food EVER. The prices are ridiculously cheap (like 25.000 IDR including rice) and the taste is spot on. She has a very high position on Tripadvisor too, so it’s not only us. We loved tomato soup (made from scratch – fresh tomatoes, garlic and spices), fish soup (with tender fish meat), tofu and tempeh curry (very gentle taste) with red rice and Mic was obsessing with marinated pork ribs. So delicious! They don’t use MSG and have a variety of vegetarian options, not to mention juices. Soursop with dragon fruit must be the color of my soul. it is divine, by taste and looks. (10.000 IDR).

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Some of you might remember that we’ve already fallen in love Ubud way back in August 2014. We stayed in a beautiful new house in the middle of the rice fields and just took some rest from all the heavy traveling. 8 months of constantly moving has its toll. So when we came into the house, it was pure bliss. Open shower, big bed and our own kitchen. Heaven!

Our cute house.

So when we were stuck in high season in Thailand and started planning our escape to low season Bali, we searched for houses in Ubud. We found Lucas, manager of several houses here on Campuhan’s ridge (and now runs a meditation yoga studio in Barcelona), and our house we stayed at before and ta-daaaa, we’re back here! And even though this house is just near Campuhan ridge, the number 1 attraction for Ubud on Tripadvisor, we are hidden from all the tourists, behind the lush garden of the house 🙂

We’ve rented a motorbike and are doing trips around the island when we’re not working. I’ll post pictures in separate posts and I promise to post more!

Thanks for being here 🙂


Koh Lanta is a calm Thai island on the West coast of Thailand where we spent around 10 days. Since the beaches close to Salaadan pier didn’t really appeal to us, we moved down South. This is a beach walkthrough! Oh and Klong means river canal which goes in the sea.

Bamboo Beach

Map of Koh Lanta

From North to South the beaches of Koh Lanta are:

  • Khlong Dao: family and agency tours oriented town. A bit more expensive hotels and resorts.
  • Long Beach (or Prae An): long, sandy beach with some more expensive resorts in the middle and less expensive on the North and South of it. It is long and not crowded at all, with light brown sand, You can swim here in low and high tide, go for a beer or have a very calm evening. At first we stayed here in Hut Yee boat (offers 500 THB for a bamboo bungalow for 2 or 800 THB for a bigger bungalow).
  • Relax bay: a smaller bay between Long beach and Klong Kong which has lovely sand, good swim and has accommodation somewhere in a flashpacker range. If you look around, you also can find something cheaper. It looked like a really calm area.
  • Khlong Kong: hippie, backpacker, yoga vibe with not such a beautiful beach because of the rocks. The accommodation here is the cheapest. Also a beautiful sight at night because of all the lights in the bars/restaurants which make this beach magical.
  • Khlong Nin: Nice long beach, with light sand and sea color. There are couple of expensive restaurants and one really rasta one. There are guesthouses also away from the beach and are less expensive as on the beach. Khlong Nin has a local market twice a week where you an buy veeeery affordable fruit and vegetables and also have local lunch.
  • Klong Hin: Long empty beach with no restaurants or shops or hotels. In the end there is a small restaurant called Vittles with the most disrespectful owner and I strongly suggest to avoid that place. Coffee was also 4 eur. Just don’t.
  • Kantiang bay: Bay with some restaurants on the beach and lots of nice viewpoints looking at this bay. It is quite empty and has nicely colored sand and the sea. Our favorite restaurant was in the end, when the road turned up (heading South), with only 5 tables and an amazing view of the bay and cliffs. The prices were good!
    Kantiang is also a place with tha last 7/11 which means cheaper water (13 THB) and beer (50 – 58 THB) 🙂
  • Nui bay: Hidden small beach with  a very private feel. It has one restaurant with food and drinks (quite expensive). You can find it going from Kantiang Bay and watch for a lot of motorcycles parked on the right side. there you head down in the forest for 5 min. be careful of the monkeys which love to steal food.
  • Klong jark: Our favorite beach! Medium sized bay with almost no people. We stayed at SunMoon bungalows which were 2 min away from the beach (800 THB). Sometimes we counted the people and there were no more than 15. It had beautiful sunsets (like most of the beaches). Besides the restaurant in the guesthouse, there is a nice restaurant across the street called Breadwinner with good prices. Attached to it is also a market and laundry machines.
  • Bamboo beach or Mai Pai: Very calm long beach, it is the last beach on this side. Visitors are mostly during the day and even they get lost on this big spread of white sand.
  • National Marine park: There is an entrance fee of 200 THB for this park and since the last 3 beaches were so beautiful we didn’t even bother to go here. People say you can go for a hike (1,5h) and be careful of the monkeys!

Nui bay