Prisoners of Con Dao.

Con Dao are islands on the very South of Vietnam and were previously known as ‘hell on earth’ because of their notorious prisons during the French colonial era (and later). A part if the island is also a national park and is protected because the animal species like green turtle and dugong.


Renting a motorbike is easy and it costs from 100k to 120k D (4,5 -5,5$) per day and you can easily explore the island. We were there exactly 3 days – a lot less then we were planning but the weather was rainy with lots of wind so we couldn’t really enjoy it to the max. We did visit the beach near the airport which is the only one that you can swim in this time of year. We didn’t swim but we crashed a barbecue party of some local fishermen. They were so happy and treated us with beer and food. It’s really good to say ‘yes!’ from time to time 🙂


Otherwise the island prices are a bit higher than the mainland. Resorts are quite expensive but smaller hotels have a fixed price of 400k D (19$) but you can bargain to 350k D (16$) for a room with private bathroom, tv and AC. In the afternoon you can find nice outdoor seafood restaurants with mussels, snails and other. There are couple of westernized bars/restaurants with nice food like pizza but the prices are friendly only to the usual clientele of this island – vacationers 🙂

We found a cheap flight ticket and 4 hours later we were in Ho Chi Minh (1h long flight). We’ll try to slowly find a way to Hoi An.

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