Remembering Nepal.

Old lady and her grandson we met while trekking in Annapurna, nepal.

Nepal was on our list of countries only because it was close to India and it was very easy to get in. We got the visa on the border and spent a month in Nepal. We were mesmerized by how beautiful it was; we spent 10 days in Annapurna region, a week in Kathmandu and walked in every main old square just admiring the old buildings. Do you know Nepal has a living goddess Kumari?

Three ladies talking in front of the house, Bhaktapur, Nepal.

And then it was all gone. Earthquake and its aftereffects hit. Old buildings gone, so many beautiful people buried inside their houses and even more left without a home – a roof over their head, so many important temples and old brick buildings lost. Now they can only wait for help, hoping some major diseases don’t hit them.

Amanda has posted a project on TravelStarter where you can help to rebuild a small village in Nepal, even with only a few dollars nof donations. She lives in a small village around Bhaktapur, Changunarayan, and is trying to help her neighbors who lost everything, one house at a time. She set up this project to rebuild houses but she’s already helping with warm blankets and clothes for people who have to live outside. So much has been lost but there is a way to help. By giving people their home back.

Take a look at the Nepal Earthquake Restoration Changunarayan village project and please share. Every dollar counts!

Some pictures from our time in Nepal.

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