Roadtrip around northern Thailand

Smiling Buddha statue in Tha Ton, northern Thailand.

We wanted to break the routine of Chiang Mai, which is really nice, but we don’t feel like travelers after a month! So we decided to explore the North of Thailand for around 5 days on our own. We’re not using a car or a motorbike but local buses.After 5 quite uncomfortable hours on the bus to Tha Ton (90 B, from a bus station N of the old city) we just relaxed a bit in this quiet town.

IMG_1243There are a lot of guesthouses but almost no tourists! They say that people used to stop here for visa runs but now things changed a bit and people no longer come here.


Well, there are lots of beautiful temples to see, the rooms are cheap, the food is different (not soooo delicious as in CM) and people are extremely friendly. Before I was having a bit of trouble digesting the fact that Thailand is the ‘country of smiles’. (Where the hell are all the smiling people? Even our coffee lady where we stop every morning doesn’t crack a smile ). But now I see that they all live in the North ๐Ÿ™‚ We rented a motorbike for a day (300 B) and spent the day chasing sun stroke on the roads around Tha Ton, northern Thailand. It was nice although we said no to the 250 B entrance fee of longneck Karen tribes. I kinda feel sorry for them anyhow.

And today we took an hour ride with the yellow sowthang (60 B) to Mae Salong, the tea city of northern Thailand. It’s on 1800 m elevation and quite cool, the vibe is very friendly and Chinese. Yes, the people here are of Chinese army descent (hello Chinese food!). There are lots of tea shops with lots of different teas with free tasting and dry fruit (plums, apricots, cherries…).

We’re so close to Myanmar that we even see some white streaks ofย thanakha on the cheeks.

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