Rostock explore. Germany.

A bit bigger than Schwerin and a bit smaller than Ljubljana, Rostock is a very cute city. Or town, I’m not even sure what’s the right term. We don’t have this in Slovene, you know. Not so architecturally rich as Schwerin it makes it all up with small restaurants with home made burgers and hipster lemonades. The center of the city is pedestrians only so it’s really nice to stroll around and have a bite here and there and stop by the river bank and check out the ships. Rostock was bombed and 70 % of buildings was ruined, so they needed to restore a lot of buildings.

Rostock Germany

What can you do in Rostock:

  • walk around the city and admire the candy colored buildings
  • eat at Pest Peter kiosk, nice home made burgers and also vegetarian food with interesting dips. Good prices, too!
  • go to the river bank and go for a city tour with canoe. We had a really cool guide, James. We shared some love for the Kelly family (80’s kids will know what I’m talking about) since Joey Kelly has his ship there and comes to Rostock every summer. OMG. Cool information about the city and exercise, all in one.
  • try the sanddorn ice cream. Or chocolate. Or liquor. Whatever rubs your belly. It’s actually sea-buckthorn, known for Baltic region.
  • see all the churches and rise up to the tower of Petrikirche for a nice view. Of course, after visiting the church tower in Schwerin, we went all around it, just so Mic wouldn’t have to go there. Aaah, the fear of heights.
  • try some of the fish for dinner, like herring. They say Borwin restaurant makes the best fish.
  • we were invited to a piano marathon at music academy and it was beautiful, the music and the building. You can go there and have a drink. The building is very old and it almost seems like it has magic power.
  • Have a beer in Freigarten. Cheaper than in Slovenia 😉



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