Sadhu, the wandering monk.

In Hinduism, Sadhu means ‘holy man’. Sadhus are ascetic, wandering monks that have been around for thousands of years. 4 to 5 millions of Sadhus live in India and have much respect because they are supposed to have special powers, like burning off karma, resolving conflicts in the families. Marijuana has an important role in their rituals. Some people fear them for their curses and some think of them as beggars. They live a meditating life in ashrams and temples, while the urban centre is all around them and also in the villages and in the mountains. Some live a solitary life and some live in groups but each follows a Sadhu path.

Becoming Sadhu is a very interesting process. Sadhus are initiated by gurus and they are considered to be dead to themselves, and legally dead to the country of India.  As a ritual, they may be required to attend their own funeral before following a guru for many years. They have to achieve some stages of holiness trough intensive meditation. Long dreadlocks and yellow clothes are their trademark but some are without chlothes. Yes, that means nekkid 🙂 On some you can see interesting paintings on their faces in white, red and yellow. Sadhus are also living embodiments of the divine, images of what human life, in the Hindu view, is truly about – religious illumination and liberation from the cycle of birth and death. Makes me want to meditate and do some yoga …

(Wikipedia, more information)

Sadhu Nepal

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