Samurais and ninjas. Kanazawa.

We needed a break, so we decided to spend 3 days in a small town Kanazawa, famous for samurais and gold. Yes, they produce gold for whole Japan and the souvenirs are very gold induced. Gold sheet mask, chocolate pudding with gold flecks, body lotion with gold leaves.


We stayed in a brand new guesthouse called Good Neighbors hostel, owned by a young man Taku, who traveled the world for 3 years. Don’t be fooled by his young looks – he is much older and wiser than his baby face 🙂 He immediately made us feel at home when he offered to make dinner. Hostel is covered in warm wood and rough concrete, which gives it a Scandinavian look, a very natural and warm athmospere.

You can rent a bicycle for 600 ¥ a day or cover the city on foot. A must-see is Kenruku-en park, which is one the most beautiful parks in Japan. You can also visit Kanazawa castle. We strolled around old town, where geisha used to live (you can also take a look at some geisha houses), samurai district (you can see samurai house) and walked to ninja temple or Myoryuji. We followed around the tour guide who spoke in Japanese and we read the aengkish translations. All the secret compartments and trap doors were very cool, haiiiia!

We also had a vegan dinner, made from local ingredients, from a pop-up restaurant in our hostel kitchen, made by rasta chef JT.

We were very photogenic in this post :)

Information about traveling from Kyoto to Kanazawa:

  • There are several buses from Kyoto station which cost 4000 ¥ but one of them (11.40) is discounted to 3600 ¥. It’s best to buy the ticket an hour earlier, just to ensure the seat, although it wasn’t full.
  • From Kanazawa station you can walk to Good Neighbors hostel : dorm room booked online 2100 ¥, private room 6000 ¥.
  • Ninja temple: 800 ¥
  • Kenruki-en garden: 310 ¥
  • Castle garden: free, Kanazawa castle: 500 ¥ (you can buy combined tickets to the castle and Kenruki-en garden)
  • One bus ride: 200 ¥, one day pass: 500 ¥
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