Schwerin. What to do.

Schwerin, the smallest capital in Germany with less than 100.000 people also has more than 30 %water surface. It has one huge lake and then several others so the air is always a but humid. There’s also a lot of water activities and of course swimming.We did only a small portion of things here but I’ll also list some other options.


  • cycling from the lake to the city on Französenweg, the beautiful path by the lake, only for bicycles and pedestrians (so many people cycle here and quite fast, too!)
  • Schwerin castle tour. The magnificent castle represents the architecture of this town and is build in many different styles. It is also a parliament.
  • Schwerin castle gardens. No admission fee so you can stroll around at different times and different lights.
  • coffee in Johannes, looking on the main square. One day it was so calm and the other so full of people, we’re not sure what is the pattern in this cute town.


  • the view from the cathedral tower. Not for people afraid of heights, like Mic. Or small spaces, since the staircase is very narrow. The view is rewarding though, over the whole city.
  • lunch at one of the restaurants, try the fish from the lake! North Germany is more than just sausages 🙂
  • coffee at traditional Cafe Prag, but of course you can stop in any of the other cute cafes.
  • enjoy the beach time by the lake (sand from Baltic sea!) or play volleyball with locals
  • take a canoe or kayak on the lake or go for a boat tour on some of the lakes

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