Sigirya is one of the wonders of Sri Lanka, it’s actually hardened magma from extinct volcano. Some people say King Kassapa built a garden and a palace on the summit after murdering his father in 5th century. Some people say it was a Buddhist monastery which was supplemented over the centuries with frescoes and hand written poems.

It took us 2 buses and 3 hours to get to Sigirya, the entrance fee was $30/person. It was a magnificent sight, maybe even more when you look at it from the bottom. Royal gardens with grass you could play golf on are among orange caves. Frescoes of naked buxom women are a bit odd in this covered country but i guess centuries change a nation 🙂 If you look closely at the shiny Mirror wall you see carved poems written over the years. Big Lion paws are the gateway to the summit which held the palace. We did the multiplied picture on the top 🙂

Multi Mic.

All in all, it was a nice sight. We didn’t have much water with us, as the cafe was closed (?) and we did overpay it at the end. We ate in Sigirya at a cute tiny restaurant called New Sigiri Cafe. And of course once more when we came back (Mic needs food, now!) at Devon’s. Meals are big and cheap, I don’t recommend soups-they’re like jelly. Oh, upstairs is a fancy restaurant with higher prices than the regular restaurant.

Today we’ll just take a rest and maybe do some easy sightseeing in Kandy. Buses do get you tired 😉

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