Sri Lanka to India.

And hello ticket to India! As we already know we have to leave Sri Lanka in one month, we decided to book a ticket to India. Sri Lanka and India are connected with some kind of a natural bridge, Adam’s Bridge and from the picture you can see that the countries are very close. Water is 1 m to 10 m deep and it seems like you could almost walk across 🙂 Or at least give it a boat ride.

Adam's Bridge.

Mic found out there used to be a ferry that drove from Colombo (Sri Lanka) to Trivandrum (south India) and the price was neat, 50 eur. But it was cancelled couple of months ago due to financial problems. Ah, well.

Plane was the only option left. There are many airlines flying between these two cities but Spice Jet was by far the cheapest one. I love the name 🙂

Cost of oneway ticket was 46 eur per person.

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