Streets of Belgrade.

Belgrade, the heart of Serbia. True Balkan! From rainy Japan we entered hot and dry Belgrade. Our tiny apartment was very close to city center or Knez Mihailova street. This walking street is always full of people. It is summertime and people have holidays. Food vendors like popcorn and ice cream, people painting, playing instruments and a lot of string quartets.

Serbian people have an attitude which is known all over Balkan. They are warm, loud and proud people. Men hug their friends on the streets for several minutes, women talk loudly while walking and sweet old ladies on the market call you ‘honey’. It’s their nature 🙂

Meat dish called cevapcici (grilled meat pieces) are very famous or pljeskavica (grilled round piece meat), served in warm grilled bread with kajmak, cheese type of butter (Mic calles it ice cream :). Sobska salad is our favorite and consists of cucumber, tomato and goat cheese. Yum! We are getting fat for sure 🙂

If you want to enjoy a beautiful sunset, you go to the end of Belgrade fortress and see the sun going down behind the river and then get lost in the beautiful Kalemegdan gardens.

Skedarlija is an artistic street with a lot of funky cafes and rstaurants, just be sure to check the prices because some can surprise you. Try the strong Serbian coffee!

We also visited Nikola Tesla museum which I think everyone should visit. He was an absolute genious and made our lives now easier with so many of his inventions. Oh, and you can touch a lightning, beat that! 😀


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