Misty village on our Luang Namtha trekking.

It was raining hard during the night and we were happy that the thin roof made of leaves held together and we woke up dry. Trekking the next day was not easy because the ground was slippery from the rain and there were a lot of leeches! I get leech paranoia when I see one 🙂  I was happy when we came to the village of Chinese origin – Khmong tribe. People were friendly and we even treated ourselves with a beer. We were greeted with several kids…

Misty village where we slept the first night of our trekking Luang Namtha.

Weather forecast said rain, rain, rain but we still decided to do a 3 day trek around Luang Namtha. Some agencies are really expensive (around 120 $/day for two) but we bargained for 50 $/day for two at Nature Trail Eco agency which had the best prices for trekking Luang Namtha. We started the day after a stormy night with a long jeep ride to a village, where you can also stay (and probably do the trek much cheaper) but I forgot the name. It was wet and muddy….